Let There Be Light


You borrow one of the greatest forces of nature and you use it to stir the emotions and the human spirit.

Rowan LeCompte


Narrated by Garrison Keillor, “Let There Be Light” tells the story of a great artist producing his last great work of art.  It is the story of the human struggle to create and the monumental, stunningly beautiful results that are possible when we apply ourselves to that struggle.  In its essence, this is a creation story, or rather a story of creation.  In documenting the struggle to make a great work of art, the film inspires the creative spirit in all of us.

Six years in the making, the film follows grand master Rowan LeCompte who, at 84, is working on his last window for Washington National Cathedral.   Rowan produced his first window for the building when he was 16.



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Peter Swanson

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Light is a holy gift that makes life on our planet possible.  Through glass, these artists attempt to harness light, yet, as fabricator Dieter Goldkuhle says, “it does not always want to be harnessed.” 

Light bridges the physical and the spiritual.  The Cathedral, with its massive walls, fabulous artwork and glorious windows provides a physical space for spiritual events.  While not a government institution, this is the “National” cathedral and a wide variety of events take place here.  Presidents pray and are buried here.  Interfaith services welcome a variety of spiritual pilgrims.  Great dialogues on international issues are staged under its grand arches.   Millions of tourists are attracted by its magnificence.  Each person who passes through this building is affected in some way by the divine light emanating from its windows of wonder.  It is truly a spiritual and magical place.

The Story of Light


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