Peter Swanson, President

Over the last 20 years Peter Swanson has travelled the world producing a variety of projects related to the world of water.  Chief among these is his work as series director on “Water - the Drop of Life.” This six-hour series is a global look at the world’s fresh water supply.  He also co-produced a six-part series on global poverty issues called, “A Dollar A Day.”   This series was filmed in 8 countries and explores issues of access to things like markets, capital, water and healthcare.  For the United Nations in 2003, Peter produced a video and travelling exhibit for the yearlong celebration “International Year of Fresh Water.” The exhibit was represented the UN at the World Water Forum in Johannesburg and was displayed in the lobby of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and the UN headquarters in New York.  Also for the United Nations he served as Producer/Creative Director for a web site entitled “60 Ways The UN Has Made A Difference” for the 60thanniversary of the UN.


His Feature Documentary “Let There Be Light” recently won “Best of the Festival” at the DC Independent Film festval.

There is no way we could do what we do without some really terrific partners.  Here are some of the wonderful people and organizations that help create amazing content.

New Water ReSources


At New Water ReSources, we challenge conventional thinking about water. Through exhibits, media, and behind-the-scenes project development and management, we gently invite people to change their mental models, so that they see new connections and start thinking about and using water differently.

Bridge 8

Bridge8 produces engaging animations, infographics and illustrations to enhance the understanding of complex topics.


Nash Immersive

We focus on Product/Process Visualization for marketing, training, and speaker support.  We don’t shoot video, make web pages, or animate robots fighting to the death; we focus on creating visualizations that communicate the uniqueness and often difficult-to-explain features of products and processes.


GlobalEyes Productions

GlobalEyes Productions produces TV-programs, documentaries and commissioned films on social, human and environmental issues. We produce for broadcasters, corporations, NGO’s and governments.

People are always at the centre of each film. Our style is critical, but with a positive image of individual people and the world. Our films are not about processes, systems or procedures but about the impact they have on people in countries, situations or corporations. We shoot on, under and above the ground from the grassroots and on the work floor. We’ve worked on all continents in boardrooms, palaces, homes, fields, cities and slums.


ASTOUND is a global creative agency that specializes in the design and execution of memorable experiences for companies to share with our customers. ASTOUND's services include brand strategy and development, retail design and store roll-outs, trade show exhibit design and fabrication, experiential events and environments, as well as architectural fabrication.

Our offices span North America with locations in Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Detroit and Portland. The combined fabrication facilities currently exceed 500,000 square feet with locations on the East and West coasts.